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Happy New Year 2006!!!

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Hi mech machis’,

Wishing you all a very Happy,Prosperous and Promising New year 2006.

It feels like 2005 started yesterday, ran off so fast. 2005 was one of the best years I’ve ever had…infact I must say it was the best year for all of us.

The year 2005 started catching fire when we all stepped into the 7th sem, remember the first day ? June 20th i guess, yes “the placements”. We all started to realize the seriousness only in the 7th sem. We were preparing for placements all the time and we never realized that time was passing so fast. And so it went on, at first in wipro when we came to know that only 3 were selected from mech., we were quite depressed. But in the next company TCS, mech dept. started to show up what they had in them. We left surprises in the faces of the students in other depts.

Another biggest moment for the mech. dept. was in Infosys placement. So many got placed and again many were surprised to see mech students getting placed in IT firms and that was the moment we showed to all that ” Mech Rules!!! ” 🙂

We still have some yet to be placed, don’t worry friends, year 2006 is just for you and I’m sure it will bring you all success & happiness.

I could never forget those happy moments in the symposium – Deus EX Machina ’05 that “we” conducted.

We were enjoying the 7th sem with lots of ODs, I hardly attended classes. I guess the 7th sem was the quickest semester among all. We got ODs for so many other college symposiums and we all were having great time in those colleges 🙂

We got ODs for symposim also (ok ok not everyone got it) but yes we were working sincerely for the symposium 🙂

We all were working with great unity, and the amazing team work lead to the ultimate success of the symposium. I also like to say that we all got a chance to play as responsible professionals in the symposium, and I believe it was a great experience for all of us.

Then we had these rains. We had the higest amount of rains in Chennai ever recorded in history(I think so). Just before some of the exams whether we had books in our hand or not, we surely were having mobiles and raping the keypads to know whether the next day’s exam is postponed or not. For the first time we had such experience which we all loved. And for the first time in the history of Anna University, such long postponements took place and there is no need to describe how well we enjoyed those holidays… 🙂

I hope and wish that 2006 also gives us all the success and happiness.

Only thing I’m worried about 2006 – its our passing out year. Its the year we all are going to get seperated after 4 golden years of happiness, sadness, enjoyment, friendship, love, care, team spirit, playfulness…………….it goes on. But we cannot stop it, only thing we have to keep in mind is that we are getting separated physically and not by mind.
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Written by lokesh

December 31, 2005 at 6:36 pm

Posted in College

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  1. hai lok im nanda,”HAPPY NEW YEAR 2006″. I like to be a friend of u, u r sweet,reservd,and a joviel person 2. i didn’t spent much time with u ,but the time which i shard with u r great. One mor thng u r the only persn to whom i wl ask my queries reg pc,whn evr i ask,u wl respond to it with out any hesitation evn if u r busy in u r work,i like tht attitud with u. nw u got placd in satyam,i thnk u r very much happy in getng placd in a softwar concern,as u wish. i hope ths yr “2006” wl be a prosperous,happy and troubl free yr for u. i pray 2 god fr ur future succes.
    signg off.


    January 2, 2006 at 12:04 pm

  2. hai friends……….
    things always changes …it never remains same ….
    let the changes be a good one…….


    January 2, 2006 at 6:04 pm

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