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First impression of a site decides the fate of the site…

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A study conducted by Canadian researchers, published in the journal “Behaviour & Information Technology,” says it takes but a blink of the eye for an internet user to make up his/her mind about the quality of a website.

The researchers were pleasantly surprised by their findings that the human brain takes about a twentieth of a second to decide on the appeal of a website – they seriously thought it would take at least 10 times longer to form an opinion.

The Canadian team wrote that visual appeal can be assessed within 50 milliseconds, which means that web designers have only 50 milliseconds to create an impact on users. Significantly, the research proved that the age-old maxim about first impressions still very much holds good.

Under the guidance of Dr Gitte Lindgaard, Carleton University, Ottawa, the team showed volunteers 50 millisecond glimpses of Web sites, and asked them to rate the sites basis their aesthetic appeal. Users were then asked to examine the site carefully, and provide a second rating. The researchers found the 2 ratings closely tallying.

Dr Lindgaard expressed surprise at the results, adding that her colleagues believed it would be impossible to really see anything in less than 500 milliseconds.

And just why do first impressions last? According to the researchers, it is due to what psychologists would call the “halo effect”. This translated in common terms means that if people believe a website looks good, then this positive quality will spread to other areas such as the website’s content.

Also as people like to be right, they will carry on using the website that made a good first impression – further confirming that their initial decision was correct.

Lindgaard warned on basis of the study that unless first impressions are favorable, visitors will ship out of websites even before they can get to know what the website has to offer vis- -vis its competitors.


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January 18, 2006 at 11:29 am

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NowPos – A brand new voice mail service

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Forget your keyboards, NowPos is here!

It was launched recently by a group of software professionals from India. The service allows anyone having an email account at NowPos to send out voice emails to any other email address.

The person receiving the voice mail does not need to be registered with NowPos to listen to the mail.

NowPos Compose screen

The recording is done using a flash object which loads instantaneouly when composing a new mail. Start recording with the click of a button, click stop when you’re done. Its so easy n fast. Moreover they provide you with 1.6 GB of storage space.
As all the voice data is stored in Nowpos servers the Vmail sent is not attached, only a link is sent to the recipient. The recipient does not need any player or any other software to listen to the vmail.

The only thing that bugged me was the 10 second commercial played before the actual message is played.

At present NowPos is in beta state, and so people can sign up for the service only through invitations. Leave your email if you need an invitation.

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January 14, 2006 at 10:28 am

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Are you the one who will work in Bill Gates Technical team?

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Code4Bill is a unique contest aimed at finding the best student technologists in India.

The Code4Bill contest comprises of a series of online tests followed by a face-to-face interaction to identify the top 20 student technologists. The contest will run from January 2006 to March 2006 followed by a 2 month internship for the top 20 contestants.

The top 20 students: will be offered a two month internship at Microsoft Research Center & Microsoft India Development Center in India. Needless to mention, students successfully completing their internship shall be considered for a job at Microsoft India. And these jobs will not be just any job, these will be cool jobs where you might just change the way we work, communicate and live

The Grand Champion: The numero uno, the chosen one, the best of the best will be selected on the basis of project submissions & final presentations to a selection panel. The winner will work with Bill Gates Technical Assistants team in Redmond, USA for a period of one year.


Contest registrations are now open and shall close at 24.00 hrs on the 18th of January 2006.

Good luck & all the best to all who are going to participate. )

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January 12, 2006 at 2:22 am

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IM Bots

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Just got the information I was searching for, IM bots.

Try adding the following to your MSN messenger list.

When these bots are added to your messenger list, they communicate with their database and retrieve information depending upon the input you provide. Basically they serve in answering your questions.

I haven’t tried them yet as I don’t use MSN messenger. If you do know similar bots for yahoo messenger, then please let me know.

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January 11, 2006 at 6:27 am

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Extra email address for your Yahoo! mail account

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Most of them wouldn’t have noticed the new feature in Yahoo! mail. You can now have Yahoo! email address with a “dot” in your id (abc.xyz@yahoo.com).

Thats not it, you also have the option to create an extra email address for your existing Yahoo! mail account.

Once you create your extra email address, you’ll be able to :

  • Receive messages sent to both addresses in your existing account.
  • While sending messages, you can choose the “From” address using the pull-down menu.
  • Announce your new email address using the announce feature in Options.
  • Log in anywhere on the Yahoo! network (Mail, Photos, Messenger with Voice, 360° — the list goes on and on…)

You can create the extra mail address either by clicking this link or by going to Mail options –> Mail addresses –> Click the “Get Started” link at the bottom.

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January 5, 2006 at 11:26 am

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Intel unveils new logo

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Old logo

New logo

After 37 years with its old logo which features a lowered “e” will be replaced with one showing an oval swirl surrounding the company’s name.
The phrase “Intel Inside” has also been replaced with “Leap Ahead” . The old phrase “Intel Inside” became so popular and helped the company during the 1990’s.

“‘Intel. Leap ahead.’ is a simple expression that declares who we are and what we do. This is part of our heritage,” Kim said in a statement.

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January 1, 2006 at 11:18 am

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Happy New Year :)

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Wishing you all a very Happy, Prosperous & Promising New Year 2006 !!!

Hope you all enjoyed the New year’s eve well.

How about a gift for this new year ??

Yes, everyone can get a domain name (www.yourname.be) for free. Its a full featured domain name and you’ll have full control over it. The belgium domain names are being offered free of cost and I’ve no idea why.

Goto http://www.eurodns.com to register for a free .be domain name.

There is no need to use any credit cards or any other location proof, just a valid email account is required to register.

You can register the .be domain names from many other sites too. But I found eurodns the most easiest.

A single account can register a max. of 10 domain names. This offer is valid till Jan 31st, 2006, so make sure you get your domain names before that. 🙂

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January 1, 2006 at 2:19 am

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