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The Godfather The Game – A Short Review

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Let me be frank to say I have'nt seen The Godfather movie, but I heard from many that its an amazing movie and playing the game I guess it has to be.

In the game you start off from nothing similar to the case in GTA San Andreas, where you dont have any property, respect… you start off your career in the game by helping the Corleone family.

Your aim in the game would be to become the don in the Corleone family and so as you complete missions you'll be promoted stage by stage. The first one being an outsider, then associate of the family, a soldier…and then finally the don.

The story plot of the game is great which is the only plus point that makes the game so addictive as far as I've experienced. Let me compare the features of GTA:San Andreas with The Godfather.

The first thing being the size of the map. The size of the map in Godfather is so small compared to San Andreas, this really makes the game look small. Moreover the features of earning money by driving taxi are not there in The Godfather.

One common glitch that I found in both the games was when you drive the cab towards people (but not actually over them 🙂 ) most of the times they just jump in front of the path the cab is travelling causing the cab to run over them when you dint want to. This is ridiculous, the scripting is not done well in this thing and both San Andreas and The Godfather has this glitch.

In the game, apart from the mainline missions, you keep playing the same missions again and again. The side missions most of them are like you have to extort business to increase your weekly revenue and gain respect. This involves you to threaten the shop owners to accept the Corleone family's protection and you keep doing the same thing all the time.

Coming onto the graphics in the game, I must say its decent. But when it comes to character details it is really awesome. You have a number of options to tune up the nose, eyes, lips, facial hair, hair styles etc. The details are so in-depth and that really makes the characters look good in the game.

Its is common that when a new game is released people expect it to have more better features apart from the existing features that was present in the previous game of the same genre. But I guess that factor was not considered while developing this game. It really lacks a lot of features that are really mandatory for this genre.

The most special thing about this game is that voice acting is done by the original characters of the movie. On an average I would rate this game a decent 7. A little work on the features of the game would have made the gameplay much more better.


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March 27, 2006 at 1:31 pm

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Playing With Google Talk

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Actually I was looking out for a decent Winamp-Google talk Status Changer and found just one which was floating all over the web.

Download it here

There is no installation, just extract and run, your status will be changed immediately to whatever song you are currently listening to.

Hmm..I felt happy. But then I thought why not show the visitors of my blog what song I’m listening to. I knew there was some tool for that, coz I already saw them in some sites, but it was not for Google talk.

So I started my search again and found Jon Burrows online Google Talk status service. All you’ve to do is just add gtalkonlinestatus@googlemail.com as a friend in Google Talk. You’ll immediately get a message from that bot if you are accepted as a friend.

You can now use the command ENCSTRING to get the list of different types of images available to put it in your website/blog.


Apart from these there are also many more dynamic images including images showing the currently playing song in winamp etc.

In case you are using this service in WordPress, make sure you use text box widget which allows you to use html codes in it.

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March 20, 2006 at 2:01 pm


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Hey folks! Do you know the perfect way to express your happiness when you are extremely happy ? Well check out this video.

Hmmm…the video says it all…:)

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March 16, 2006 at 2:22 pm

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Farewell Chintan

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Its a big day for Chintan, my class mate. Its the farewell day for him alone. Wondering how and why ? Read on.

Actually Chintan did not take up Mech. Engg. with his interest or passion in it, it was actually fate that made him take up mech. engg. To say more he was not interested in Engineering at all, his interests were totally different. But no one can say that he is not capable of taking up engineering. He is a great talented person. Guess what ? He was the topper in the first semester exam.

Chintan is mad about movies, music and stuff like that. Ofcourse many are there like that, but he is different. You can compare a professional VisCom student with Chintan, see what I mean ? He is a maniac when it comes to anything in English. I’m sure his review about movies will be loved more than Greg’s or Movie mom’s reviews.

So how do you expect such a talented person to sit in a Mechanical Engineering Class? Its way far from his interests.

Chintan almost lost his 4 years time sitting in Mechanical not knowing what to do. It was just some few months ago he made a desicion. He decided to become a Steward. One of the main stuff required is excellent communication skills and thats what he is best at. He has taken up the Steward training course which is a 1 year course after which he’ll be placed in the airplane industry. The course starts in April 2006.

Today was his last day in college and I’m sure he’ll be more happy now since he has left the college(The Hell for him).

Now that his mind is free of worries, he’ll soon start writing his blog – http://www.chintan.be – be ready to read the best reviews of movies, music…etc.

Farewell Chintan 🙂

UPDATE: I forgot to include this song which I would like to dedicate to Chintan and all engineering students. This song is composed by the IIT kanpur students describing engineering life. 🙂

Download MP3 

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March 14, 2006 at 8:57 pm

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The Best Online Multiprotocol Instant Messenger

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There are many popular multiprotocol instant messengers(Trillian, GAIM…) which connects to many accounts such as Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL… all through a single client. But these are all windows based desktop applications. It requires you to have the client installed in your system before you can use it. What if you need to access your IM accounts similar to multiprotocol messaging system, but you don’t have privileges to install anything ?

Here comes the need for online instant messaging applications. There are very few online applications as of now which supports multiprotocol instant messaging. One such web 2.0 application which serves this purpose is Meebo.


Meebo supports IM programs such as AOL, ICQ, Yahoo!, Jabber(Gtalk) and MSN. You can login to all the accounts in a single session and chat with your friends in all the IM programs in the same session. This is really cool feature.

You are also provided with the convenience of registering with Meebo so that you don’t have to login to all the accounts each time you visit Meebo. They also have plans to include the chat save feature, so that all your conversations are stored in your Meebo account.

So whats missing ? As of now you cannot use all those Voice features, Video chat, conference etc. The application is very basic which just supports text chatting. Even the number of smilies are limited. But keep in mind that this AJAX application is in alpha stage and for an alpha its amazing. I’m sure you’ll have all those extra features available in Yahoo messenger quite soon in Meebo too.

I personally feel Meebo is much better than using the individual IM clients. There are also other competitors such as Goowy which is yet to release this IM feature.

Written by lokesh

March 13, 2006 at 5:59 pm

A Day To Remember For All Cricket Fans

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12th March 2006 has become a big day in Cricket history. It was the fifth one-day match between South Africa and Australia played at Johannesburg, South Africa.
Australia won the toss and chose to bat first. Here comes the first record of the day, Australia breaks the past record of 398-5 (50 overs-Sri Lanka v Kenya) by making a mind-blowing total of 434-4 in 50 overs. Ricky pointing made a great score of 164 from 105 balls with 9 sixes and 13 fours.

Australia’s innings was really great and it made the world record of having the highest total. Next its South Africa’s turn to chase that total. 434 in 50 overs ? The run rate is 8.67 per over, what would you do if you were to score so much ? 🙂

Well, South Africa played awesome cricket and won the match scoring 438-9 in 49.5 overs. Now that makes the record of chasing the highest total ever and also setting the new highest total of 438 in Cricket History.


To say the truth, I dint even care to watch the match after I heard that Australia had set the highest total of 434, coz I thought South Africa would never make it. But now I’m feeling bad that I really missed the best cricket match ever.

Gibbs was the man behind South Africa’s victory. He made a whopping 175 in 111 balls with 7 sixes and 21 fours and was awarded the man of the match.


Myself being a great fan of cricket, I’m sure I’ll never forget this day in my life. Thats an awesome historic win by South Africa, Hats Off to them!! 🙂

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March 12, 2006 at 6:39 pm

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Can Goowy Compete Google ?

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I just stumbled upon this blog and found about Goowy. Goowy is something like the next-gen (web 2.0) application. It is not necessary that all the web 2.0 applications need to be made out of AJAX and thats what Goowy proves by making use of flash.

Goowy is providing the service similar to Gmail. It provides you with email service(you@goowy.com) where you have 2GB of space, contacts manager, calender, customizable widgets and lots of flash games. *Screenshots*

They are also planning to provide file uploading&sharing and instant messaging system in the near future.

The contacts manager is really good which supports importing contacts from Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail & MSN. The calendar application is almost similar to the Google Calender(yet to be released) and its come out well.

Apart from these you can also have your own cutomized widgets which help you take notes, display stocks, RSS feeds etc.

Though it takes sometime for the flash interfaces to load, its almost equivalent to desktop applications once loading is done. All these features integrated to form a mega-online application is really a good competition for Google.

Written by lokesh

March 11, 2006 at 4:12 pm