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Hmmm…its more than a month since I updated my blog. So what kept me busy for such a long time ?

Well I’ve been travelling from planet to planet and I also reached “Hell” many times…cool it, let me explain. This is going to be a long one. 🙂

Let me start off with “Hell”, I was refering to Ashok Leyland . Being in the final semester I had to do a project work with all the knowledge that I gained ( oh… did I ? ) in the past 7 semesters. Having very less knowledge in Mechanical I could not think anything on my own, so I teamed up with two of my friends and we decided to do the project in Ashok Leyland( Big mistake ) with no other options left.

Ashok Leyland is there for over 5 decades in the transport solutions industry offering world class range of buses, trucks…blah blah…don’t believe, everything is bull shit! You’ll know why soon.

Ok, so we got our project permission letter from Ashok Leyland and the starting date was January 24th. I woke up on 24th morning with big dreams of doing something great in Ashok Leyland. I stepped into Ashok Leyland and that moment made me feel so proud, coz even I had good opinion about Ashok Leyland (Almost everyone still believes Ashok Leyland is a great company). The first day we had to tell them the title of the project that we are going to do in Ashok Leyland, they’ll approve only if they are satisfied with the title. There comes the first problem, we had no idea on anything. Then on discussing we got some ideas of modifying the jig of a drilling machine. We told the same to the person incharge. He asked us to meet another person who will be our guide in shop 1.

We were so happy thinking our project title has been accepted. We immediately went to shop 1 to find that the guide was not present. We were roaming all day looking for him and the day ended leaving bad pain to our legs.

The next day morning again we started to search, finally we found him in the evening, but all in vain. He said that he is already having many students doing project under his guidance and that he cannot accept anymore students. Our faces turned yellow. We could not meet the Project title incharge as the day was over by that time. The next day was republic day and hence we could meet him only on 27th, Friday.

We had to change our project title as that project could be done only in shop 1, but since now we don’t have a guide in shop 1, we’ve to go in for another shop and another title. We went to the Project title incharge on 27th hopefully that he will suggest us a title. But he did not, which made us say we’ll do something in Material Handling. Voila! he immediately signed the letter and forwarded us to shop 3 to meet another guide.

Atlast after meeting this guide, we found some confidence that we could something in Ashok Leyland. We were given a theory project on Material Handling. We started collecting the data, in the meanwhile we visited the college to say the title where we had another big problem. Our college guide said that doing a theory project on Material Handling is not engineering project and then he asked us to design, analyze.

But the problem is Ashok Leyland does not allow design projects. So we were now in a dilemma. Somehow we managed to put this into the ears of the Ashok Leyland guide and he said do whatever you want, that gave us great relief.

Right now we’re working on designing special pallets for improved material handling in Ashok Leyland. Design is almost over, but still lots of work to do, analysis and then project report to be done.

I’m sure the above doesn’t show all the problems that we faced in Ashok Leyland, coz if I start writing it I would never finish this post. 🙂

Let me say about the different planets that I’ve been visiting so far. I’ve been working on PHP and AJAX these days, a lot in 2006. One of my works in PHP and AJAX is Mechrules Community . For info on what Mechrules community is about visit Dhuraison’s World . I’ve spent around a weeks’ time in creating Mechrules, managing time was very difficult that week, coz I was also working on the project side by side.

Before creating Mechrules and before I actually started my project, I was also working on quite a big site, that was my first experience with AJAX. No, I’m not gonna unveil that site now, I’ll soon write a post on it. Apart from these, I also created a Tech Blog which basically talks about PHP, SEO, AJAX and other geek stuff. Unfortunately the site is down for more than a week… seems like the OS of the hosting server is corrupted.

Ok, so why did I come back to this blog ? Well, just check out this blog . Thats my friend’s blog. He’s an amazing talented person, there’s nothin I need to tell, you’ll come to know once you start readin his blog and thats what inspired me a lot and brought me back to this blog. Thanks to Akhi!! 🙂

Written by lokesh

March 1, 2006 at 7:12 am

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  1. Hey ya u went into some trouble in company it seems… hmmm… nice experience dude… better take off d word ASH** ******* bcoz ur blog ll appear in search engines like google… so keep ur cool…


    March 1, 2006 at 7:19 am

  2. Actually I want them to read this…hmm…but i need to be on the safer side until i get my cert., I’ll better change it…


    March 1, 2006 at 7:59 am

  3. hey da..great post…and great seeing you guys posting again..must say mechrules is amazing, complete with madhes emoticon :-D. And also thanx for the small intro for me da..


    March 1, 2006 at 7:59 am

  4. thats a goooooooooooooooood explaination


    March 3, 2006 at 6:40 pm

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