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Vista’s launch in October & only 5 versions of Vista ?

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According to TGDaily it seems that Microsoft will be releasing Windows Vista in the week of 2 october. The beta released in February actually concludes the Beta phase of Vista and now two release candidates RC0 and RC1 will be released in the week of April 10 and June 26. Mircosoft seems to be very confident that it can provide Vista within 8 weeks of time after the launch of RC1.

Sources also report that a release to manufacture(RTM) has been scheduled in the week of 14 august.

Moreover many sites are reporting that Windows Vista comes in 6 versions, however according to Vista Homepage only 5 versions are mentioned.

If you want all of the best business features, all of the best mobility features, and all of the best home entertainment features, Windows Vista Ultimate is the solution for you. With Windows Vista Ultimate, you don’t have to compromise.

The Windows Vista Ultimate version seems to be the most promising and most anticipated one, hence have an eye on torrent sites for this version as this might be the version of windows first to be spread on the net.:)

Written by lokesh

March 2, 2006 at 11:30 am

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