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Google Acquires Writely

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Writely is an online word processor having many features such as sharing and collaborative editing, posting directly to blogs, uploading directly from word, etc..

Writely is still in Beta phase (guess it might be a reason why Google liked it 🙂 ) and as of now the registrations are closed. One of the main reasons why Google looked into online word processing might be Microsoft’s Live products which also features many online services.

If you are looking for some online collaborative tools, then check out Instacoll. It requires you to install a software which integrates along with MS-Office. A collaborate button is added in the Word application, when clicked it creates a new session Id which you can send the person whom you want to join the editing of the document. Well, its quite time consuming work, but it does provide you with the comfort of collaborative editing inside from MS-Word.
Some of the other online word processing services:

The on-line document editor Zoho Writer is another Office product worth a mention. An additional feature of this service is that it provides an e-mail id to which you can send documents. A document thus sent will be stored on Zoho’s server under your account and you can edit or share it with anyone.

WideWord is yet another web based document editor trying to get some foothold in this segment. Here, you can create a document by just providing an e-mail id. The service will store the document on its server and send you mail with a link for accessing/editing the newly created document.

Written by lokesh

March 10, 2006 at 6:48 pm

Posted in Google, Online Services

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