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Can Goowy Compete Google ?

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I just stumbled upon this blog and found about Goowy. Goowy is something like the next-gen (web 2.0) application. It is not necessary that all the web 2.0 applications need to be made out of AJAX and thats what Goowy proves by making use of flash.

Goowy is providing the service similar to Gmail. It provides you with email service(you@goowy.com) where you have 2GB of space, contacts manager, calender, customizable widgets and lots of flash games. *Screenshots*

They are also planning to provide file uploading&sharing and instant messaging system in the near future.

The contacts manager is really good which supports importing contacts from Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail & MSN. The calendar application is almost similar to the Google Calender(yet to be released) and its come out well.

Apart from these you can also have your own cutomized widgets which help you take notes, display stocks, RSS feeds etc.

Though it takes sometime for the flash interfaces to load, its almost equivalent to desktop applications once loading is done. All these features integrated to form a mega-online application is really a good competition for Google.

Written by lokesh

March 11, 2006 at 4:12 pm

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