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Farewell Chintan

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Its a big day for Chintan, my class mate. Its the farewell day for him alone. Wondering how and why ? Read on.

Actually Chintan did not take up Mech. Engg. with his interest or passion in it, it was actually fate that made him take up mech. engg. To say more he was not interested in Engineering at all, his interests were totally different. But no one can say that he is not capable of taking up engineering. He is a great talented person. Guess what ? He was the topper in the first semester exam.

Chintan is mad about movies, music and stuff like that. Ofcourse many are there like that, but he is different. You can compare a professional VisCom student with Chintan, see what I mean ? He is a maniac when it comes to anything in English. I’m sure his review about movies will be loved more than Greg’s or Movie mom’s reviews.

So how do you expect such a talented person to sit in a Mechanical Engineering Class? Its way far from his interests.

Chintan almost lost his 4 years time sitting in Mechanical not knowing what to do. It was just some few months ago he made a desicion. He decided to become a Steward. One of the main stuff required is excellent communication skills and thats what he is best at. He has taken up the Steward training course which is a 1 year course after which he’ll be placed in the airplane industry. The course starts in April 2006.

Today was his last day in college and I’m sure he’ll be more happy now since he has left the college(The Hell for him).

Now that his mind is free of worries, he’ll soon start writing his blog – http://www.chintan.be – be ready to read the best reviews of movies, music…etc.

Farewell Chintan 🙂

UPDATE: I forgot to include this song which I would like to dedicate to Chintan and all engineering students. This song is composed by the IIT kanpur students describing engineering life. 🙂

Download MP3 

Written by lokesh

March 14, 2006 at 8:57 pm

Posted in College

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  1. Thanks for the adieu man!!! Hope I really have a gr8 blogging experience that has started from 2day 🙂


    March 15, 2006 at 12:09 pm

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