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The Godfather The Game – A Short Review

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Let me be frank to say I have'nt seen The Godfather movie, but I heard from many that its an amazing movie and playing the game I guess it has to be.

In the game you start off from nothing similar to the case in GTA San Andreas, where you dont have any property, respect… you start off your career in the game by helping the Corleone family.

Your aim in the game would be to become the don in the Corleone family and so as you complete missions you'll be promoted stage by stage. The first one being an outsider, then associate of the family, a soldier…and then finally the don.

The story plot of the game is great which is the only plus point that makes the game so addictive as far as I've experienced. Let me compare the features of GTA:San Andreas with The Godfather.

The first thing being the size of the map. The size of the map in Godfather is so small compared to San Andreas, this really makes the game look small. Moreover the features of earning money by driving taxi are not there in The Godfather.

One common glitch that I found in both the games was when you drive the cab towards people (but not actually over them đŸ™‚ ) most of the times they just jump in front of the path the cab is travelling causing the cab to run over them when you dint want to. This is ridiculous, the scripting is not done well in this thing and both San Andreas and The Godfather has this glitch.

In the game, apart from the mainline missions, you keep playing the same missions again and again. The side missions most of them are like you have to extort business to increase your weekly revenue and gain respect. This involves you to threaten the shop owners to accept the Corleone family's protection and you keep doing the same thing all the time.

Coming onto the graphics in the game, I must say its decent. But when it comes to character details it is really awesome. You have a number of options to tune up the nose, eyes, lips, facial hair, hair styles etc. The details are so in-depth and that really makes the characters look good in the game.

Its is common that when a new game is released people expect it to have more better features apart from the existing features that was present in the previous game of the same genre. But I guess that factor was not considered while developing this game. It really lacks a lot of features that are really mandatory for this genre.

The most special thing about this game is that voice acting is done by the original characters of the movie. On an average I would rate this game a decent 7. A little work on the features of the game would have made the gameplay much more better.

Written by lokesh

March 27, 2006 at 1:31 pm

Posted in Entertainment, Games

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