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We Do Need Another Desktop OS

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Check out this blog – We Don't Need Another Desktop OS

The blog speaks against Windows Vista with only one point of view – business and not the consumers point of view. It is known that atleast 50% of the PC users use their PC for tasks such as hearing music, movies, DVD ripping, CD/DVD writing, gaming etc., but all these things were not considered.

Just imagine a system which can just connect to the internet and to the server where the OS is located, everything is streamed online and that makes accessing files easier but thats good only for those business people and not the general consumers.

One main point would be the gaming industry. There are more PC gamers than XBOX or PS gamers, due to the fact that they feel comfortable accessing all the things from a single system.

If this desktop OS is not there, then it would give rise to different devices for different applications and hence killing flexibility.

Windows Vista offers a lot of awesome features and I must mention the much awaited DirectX 10 support. Check out Dhuraison's World for a nice intro to Windows Vista.

All these doesn't mean that the Web OS should not be there, it is infact very important and is going to be the future. As far as I'm concerned Google is the key towards Web OS. But the Web OS cannot be a replacement for the desktop OS. One cannot enjoy all those high quality DVDs, music, games etc. from a Web OS unless access is available through high-speed broadband.

Although high-speed broadband is not too far, one cannot imagine to play games by simply streaming online. All those eye candy requires a high performance GFX card and inturn a high-performance OS is required to control that GFX card.

Hence a full featured desktop OS like Windows Vista is very important and the concept of Desktop OS will be there atleast for the next 10-15 years (unless someone comes out with some break-through technology soon). 

Written by lokesh

April 1, 2006 at 4:07 am

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