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Long time since I updated my blog. Seems like its become a practice for me to say this everytime :). I've got some good news this time. I've started another blog, the third one which is regarding my fun coding in PHP, AJAX…its all about sharing the knowledge whatever I gained and I'm about to gain and I'm doing it for personal satisfaction.

I've been coding in PHP and AJAX so much since my project review got over and I had lot of fun doing that, days were running like minutes for me and I was so much immersed in it. I was working a lot on the online slam book and yes its over and  I almost launched, but suddenly due to the server problems it has been delayed and now I'm in search of a good hosting which is reliable enough. Whenever I find a host and setup everything to launch the site, suddenly some problem shoots up from the server side, either the server goes down, or suddenly they include some forced ads which ruins the website design and so I start searching for another hosting. This is what is going on and I hope I find a perfect hosting solution soon so that I can unveil the online slam book. 🙂

Written by lokesh

May 13, 2006 at 4:23 pm

Posted in General, Personal

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