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A Barcamp Experience

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Barcamp Bangalore

Barcamp Bangalore

Just thought it would be a good idea to blog about my first time experience of Barcamp. Barcamp Bangalore was held on March 7th and 8th. After missing several barcamps, I finally attended it with the company of Anand and Nishant.

The event was conducted in Yahoo cafetaria at EGL. We reached the place quite early and after registration, we surprisingly found ourselves helping out in carrying the projector screens. Wi-fi and coffee/tea was available all the time. There were also other shops where you could get any snack you need. A kick-off meeting was held and it was surprising to everyone that almost majority of them were first-time barcampers and I’m quite sure the total number of people on the first day was more than 100. In the kick-off meeting, a 30-second intro about the topic was given by those presenting it. Moreover, there were many stickers available, where you can write your name, twitter ID etc. and stick it to your shirt. It was so cool and I took some 2-3 stickers, put it on my shirt and felt so proud of myself 😀 . Also, there was a board with sticky notes containing schedule of the sessions, which is called as “Paper Wiki”.

Now to the real game. There were 5 parallel tracks, where each one presented their topics. Almost all sessions lasted an hour. One problem that many faced was the presentations were not audible and since all 5 tracks are on the same hall, it was noisy. Most of the time we were guessing from the slides about what the speaker was saying. One more problem was that, topics which I was interested in attending were scheduled to be presented at the same time and hence I had to choose one between the two. Apart from this the sessions were all great and I got to hear some really good speakers who have lots of industry experience. Day-2 started a little late and less number of people turned up compared to day-1. This day I was surprised to see so many stress balls. I could see almost everyone having the yellow ball. Whether it reduced the stress or not, it really was so much fun. After attending so many sessions continously for the 2nd day, I felt I was kind of overloaded, so I din’t stay till the end on the 2nd day and had to leave early.

Here are some topics which I found very interesting:

Overall it was a great experience and I enjoyed every moment at the barcamp. The organizing team did a great job and I feel it was well worth travelling from Chennai to Bangalore for the barcamp. Looking forward for Barcamp Chennai.

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March 15, 2009 at 3:16 pm

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