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Workshop on Ethical Hacking

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Recently I attended a 2-day workshop on ethical hacking, conducted by Infysec – a security services organization. The workshop covered various topic related to hacking such as footprinting, enumeration, session hijacking, web application vulnerabilities, viruses, botnets etc.

The session was like this: before explaining each topic, proper introduction would be given as to what is the topic all about, why is it necessary from a security point of view, then slide based presentation on the topic, and finally a live demo on that topic. Apart from this, the instructors who were highly experienced in almost all aspects of security, also gave many valuable inputs which you may not find in books. Although I’m not preparing for CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker), it seems this program will really be useful for clearing it.

As the event was called a workshop, I expected that everyone would be provided with some systems or may be asked to bring their own laptops and gain hands-on experience in the workshop by working out the various scenarious along with the instructors. The organizers were happy to have this feedback and assured they will consider this, as almost everyone expected the same.

Moreover, it seems Infysec is organizing “Capture-the-flag” contest next month. A server will be open to hacking by various teams and the first team to hack it, wins. I’m sure events like this will surely gain a lot of popularity.


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January 26, 2009 at 8:36 am

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